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Stormwater & Environmental Team



Mission Statement


The Stormwater Environmental department is ultimately focused on protecting and improving the quality of local water bodies. This is done by implementing flood control systems, water monitoring, and enforcing water-friendly construction practices that follow EPA’s standards. Keeping environmental issues in mind, we strive to keep Rockford’s water safe for recreation as well as use at home.  


Stormwater Master Plan


The City of Rockford Engineering Division hosted two public meetings to introduce the Stormwater Management Program and ask for feedback from its residents. Below you will find the final comprehensive Stormwater Mater Plan, and corresponding presentation.  The focus of the plan is the importance of a properly managed stormwater system and the goals and strategies identified to improve the health and safety of its residents through the stormwater program.


 Stormwater Master Plan-FINAL


Stormwater Mater Plan Presentation 


Stormwater Consent Decree

The City of Rockford entered into a Consent Decree with the EPA in 2015, which set forth terms and conditions that the City's Stormwater Department must comply with.  The City has agreed to manage the Stormwater Management Program in accordance with the negotiated Standard Operating Procedures, which can be found in the full text of the consent decree and appendices below:


Stormwater Consent Decree

Appendix A: Stormwater Master Plan
Appendix B: Detention Basin SOP
Appendix C: Street Sweeping SOP
Appendix D: ROW & Drainageway Inspection & Maintenance SOP
Appendix E: PHF Application SOP
Appendix F: E&SC Plan Review & Regulatory Inspections SOP
Appendix G: E&SC Guidance Manual for City of Rockford Projects SOP
Appendix H: Industrial High Rish Runoff Facility Inspection Program SOP
Appendix I: Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Program SOP
Appendix J: Monitoring & Sampling Program SOP
Appendix K: Stormwater & Environmental Education SOP
Appendix L: Stormwater Division Enforcement Response Plan
Appendix M: Annual Reporting Requirements
Appendix N: Stormwater Technical Guidance Manual




 For any Stormwater related questions, please contact us at (779) 348-7175.




























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