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Freedom of Information Act


This page was created to assist our citizens and commercial entities on how to request public records and documents from the City of Rockford
The City of Rockford's FOIA Request Form, Documentation, and Policies

*Please download and use the most recent FOIA Request Form when submitting FOIA Requests
* Get Adobe Reader AdobeReader Icon

*Note for Email Submissions we strongly recommend you have Adobe Reader 9 installed on your system and that you follow the instructions below
1)The FOIA Request Form is properly annotated with a Date and Time so you’ll know when the form was last updated. 

2)Do not rename the FOIA Request Form you're sending to the City.  You can rename a copy of the FOIA Request Form and save it on your system, however the copy you’re sending to the City, leave the name as is.  Also avoid using FoxIt Reader or Mac Preview to submit and/or save your FOIA Requests, as we cannot gaurantee document stability when our FOIA Request Form is saved with FoxIt Products (use Adobe Reader instead).

pdfIcon FOIA Request Form (PDF 110K) Last Updated: 10.17.2011 10:00am
Fill out the FOIA Request Form (above) and email it to the address(es) provided on the Form or use the guide below.

If you use gmail, yahoo mail, or any other web based email client please read these instructions.

pdfIcon Index of Categories of Public Records (PDF 18MB) (Please be patient.  This document may take several minutes to load depending on your connection speed.)


pdfIcon 5 ILCS 140-4 Description of the City of Rockford (PDF 600K)

pdfIcon 5 ILCS 140-4b (PDF 10K)

pdfIcon List of Documents Disclosed upon Request (PDF 12K)

pdfIcon Attorney General's FOIA FAQ Document (PDF 53K)

Guide - Sending Requests for Public Records (Using a Web Based Email Client/Application)

pdfIcon Instructions - Sending a FOIA Request using a Web-Based Email Client/Program

Guide - Sending Requests for Public Records (Using an Installed Email Client/Progam)

  1. Fill out the FOIA Request Form above
  2. Save the FOIA Request Form
  3. Print a copy of the FOIA Request Form for your records
  4. On the saved FOIA Request Form, click the "Send Form" button, located on the last page of the form. This will attach your form to an email message and automatically fill in the mail recipient.
  5. Email the saved FOIA Request Form to the City of Rockford using the provided emails on the form (email addresses will dynamically appear based upon FOIA Records Requested) or use the guide below

    Note: When you click on the "Send Form" button within the FOIA Request Form your default email program will open and you must manually click Send within your email program for the form to reach the City of Rockford.

    As an alternative you can print out the FOIA Request Form, fill it out, and drop it off at any Department at City Hall.

Page last updated: 11/18/2015 10:47:04 AM

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