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911 Division

The 911 Division is responsible for taking emergency 911 and non-emergency calls for the City of Rockford, and dispatching the appropriate fire, police, and emergency medical equipment.

The goal of the 911 Center is to provide the vital link between the citizens of Rockford and the appropriate emergency service agencies for fire, police, and emergency medical service.


Our goal is accomplished by receiving incoming emergency and non-emergency calls for service from citizens; providing pre-arrival medical instructions to the citizens until the appropriate agencies arrive at the scene; ensuring that citizens receive public safety services by dispatching the appropriate fire, police, and emergency medical service in the most expeditious manner.


The 911 Division is staffed by a Division Administrator, Training Supervisor, Technical Services Coordinator, MSAG (Master Street Addressing Guide) Technician, four Shift Supervisors, four Assistant Shift Supervisors, forty-one Telecommunicators and a Secretary.








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